Partners discuss ‘Eco.Trainers’ course at seventh partnership meeting

The Italian city of Florence hosted seventh meeting of Bus.Trainers partnership. During May 8th and 9th whole consortium discussed the qualification system and the training course for constructin teachers in “environmental” skills (energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and sustainable construction), at Formedil headquarters in the cradle of the Renaissance.

During first day, key performance indicators for assessing qualification of ‘Eco.Trainers’ were discussed. In addition, they analised technological process of the online course that aims to improve eco competences; and the requirements and resources of the training platform. On the other hand, the Valencian partner, expert in robotics and computer science, IRTIC, presented e-learning application to partnership.

They also agreed on the main points of platform where online course will be hosted. For its part, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción together with the rest of European partners decided the evaluation system that will assess sectoral skills for the teachers, to achieve training excellence and to be able to define the knowledge acquired to their students and construction professionals. Thus, the course will be guaranteed by a European accreditation system.


Formedil presented the European project to Italian public. During this meeting, the speakers addressed the environmental skills that sector need to improve, currently; to do so, strengthening knowledge in energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, efficient materials and methods of construction, is a necessary step to achieve a sustainable sector and at the forefront.


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