Partnership addresses ‘Eco-Trainer’ training and qualification during the last meeting

The partners have met for last time to address the closure of project. On 27th and 28th January, the entire consortium met at the headquarters of Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (CNC) to evaluate and discuss the pilot of ‘Eco-Trainers’  course and to reinforce necessary points of this training and the European qualification.

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Education for Zero Waste and Circular Economy project stand up for training for the trainers

Bus.Trainers project was disseminated in second meeting of the project “EduZWaCE. Education for Zero Waste and Circular Economy”, through slideshow presentation and distribution of leaflets, on May 23, 2019, at the LNEG, Lisbon. The aim was to introduce the Bus.trainers to the partners of the EduZWaCE project, to mutual dissemination and stimulation of synergies under Erasmus+ programme.

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Partners discuss ‘Eco.Trainers’ course at seventh partnership meeting

The Italian city of Florence hosted seventh meeting of Bus.Trainers partnership. During May 8th and 9th whole consortium discussed the qualification system and the training course for constructin teachers in “environmental” skills (energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and sustainable construction), at Formedil headquarters in the cradle of the Renaissance.

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Bus.Trainers celebrated the fifth Partnership meeting, in Malta

The Maltese municipality of Birgu has been the place chosen by the European consortium to celebrate the fifth meeting of the Bus.Trainers project, belonging to the Erasmus+ program, from 7th to 9th November. The meeting was attended by representatives of the different entities that are part of the project, from Malta, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

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Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Portugal spread the Build Up Skills project in the framework of Bus.Trainers, in Lisbon

Agents of the Bus.Trainer partner institutions made an idea-sharing session of the Build Up Skills projects developed in Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Portugal, during the second meeting hold in Lisboa together with the Portuguese partners, the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG).

On May 18, more than 60 people went to the event where the Bus.Trainers project was introduced, just like other different initiatives from the south of Europa related to “green” skills, specialized in energy efficient and renewal energies for trainers in the construction sector.

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Start-up meeting of the European project Bus.Trainers, in Madrid

In the beginning of this European project, Bus.trainers partners held a meeting in the main facilities of the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción in Madrid on December 15 and 16, 2016.

José Antonio Viejo, the director of the institution, welcomed the fourteen members of the consortium, and then gave the word to Javier Gonzalez, responsible for the International Project of the Institution, who coordinated the international meeting along with Beatriz Oliete the responsible researcher of the project, and Elena Novillo the financial responsible of European projects.

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