The Partnership faces new challenges at its 6th meeting in Lisbon

On 7 and 8 February, the 6th meeting of Bus.Trainers was held with the presence of delegates from Malta, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, in Lisbon, at the Cenfic headquarters, who also held an infoday, in collaboration with Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, the project leader

The meeting focused mainly on the discussion and on the definition of the training resources development for the trainers, highlighting the development of an e-learning platform and evaluation system. In addition, the consortium discussed the main organisational aspects of the national seminars, which will be held in the different countries.

Dissemination event: Innovative training

For its part, the infoday “Innovative Projects for the trainers activity”, was attended by several Portuguese professionals from construction training institutions and representatives from Malta, Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal. For its part, LNEG participated in the infoday disseminating some European initiatives in which the entity participates, related to the field of education and vocational training: Build Up Skills Foresee and Formar. In addition, Beatriz Oliete, responsible for the project at Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, spoke about gender equality in the construction sector, introducing Women Can Build project that aims to break down stereotypes and promote the insertion of women in the labour market.

Beatriz Oliete, from Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, introducing Women Can Build project

Finally, the future steps that the Partnership will take on its way towards the green skills of teachers in the sector were discussed. The next meeting will be held in Naples in May this year.


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