Report on skills gap (EN), R3 WP2

Research and analysis completed with the aim to identify specific ‘Green Skills Gaps’ of the VET trainers, who are providing training on EE and RES in construction industry and respond to the actual needs of the target group. The cuantitative and cualitative methodology used and the results obtained, meet the objective of identifying skills needs, using outcome based indicators to ensure the adaptation of curriculum to current and emerging demands on Knowledge, Skills and Competences in EE and RES in construction sector.








Final Green Skills Map and Perimeter (EN), R4 WP2

This report aims to identify the “Final Green Skills Map and Perimeter”. The definition of “Final Green Skills Map and Perimeter” it was based on the results of experimental analysis which aimed the identification and definition of the Green Skills Gaps in the VET (Vocational Education and Training) trainers.


Qualification “Eco-Trainer in the constructino industry” (EN), R5 WP3

The report describes the new European sectoral qualification and the associated training contents for VET trainers acting in the construction industry, which contains skills for the promotion of EE and RES in buildings, while teaching training courses, as it was designed in the context of Work Package 3 (WP3) of the BuS.Trainers project.



Dissemination actions (EN), R21 WP9

This report compiles all the dissemination actions that the partners have carried out during the first year of the project.


Advertisement tools: brochures (EN) and roll ups (ES, GR, IT, PT), R22 WP9

Advertising tools (brochures and roll ups) that have been created as graphic support for dissemination actions: events, meetings, etc.

Dissemination brochure of the Project (ES).


Roll ups of the Project created for the local info-days of the partners (ES, GR, IT, PT)



Infodays (EN), R23 WP9

Events celebrated in the different countries of the partners, where project milestones have been presented to relevant national stakeholders.

In Lisbon (Portugal): May 2017.

In Athens (Greece): October 2017.

Rome (Italy): April 2018.