The Bus.Trainers’s leaflet is available

Through this leaflet about the BuS Trainers project, for anyone who is interested to know more in a simple, concise and clear way, why it is important for the construction industry to rely on the training of trainers in greenskills, which eventually will lead them to acquire specialized knowledge in energy efficient (EE) and management of renewal energy system (RES).

Besides, this leaflet shows the results the European project consortium has committed to achieve, which is formed by eleven partners of five countries, and also the key actions developed during the life of this initiative that aims to the interest groups: authorities and public institutions, social agents, professional partnerships, providers of Vocational Training Trainers (VET), intermediary organizations and of course, trainers, tutors and training managers of the construction sector.

The project brochure is available in all languages of the Bus.Trainers partnership: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Greek.




Bus.Trainers arouses interest among the partners of the Interreg Europe Enerselves project
The “Eco-trainer” qualification for the construction industry will be launched on the second half of 2019