Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Portugal spread the Build Up Skills project in the framework of Bus.Trainers, in Lisbon

Agents of the Bus.Trainer partner institutions made an idea-sharing session of the Build Up Skills projects developed in Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Portugal, during the second meeting hold in Lisboa together with the Portuguese partners, the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG).

On May 18, more than 60 people went to the event where the Bus.Trainers project was introduced, just like other different initiatives from the south of Europa related to “green” skills, specialized in energy efficient and renewal energies for trainers in the construction sector.

The consortium also continued on May 19 with a second meeting, where subjects related to the green skill trainer’s profile, aspects about Bus.Trainer qualification and others project procedure points where discussed.

Also it was announced the launching of, a web platform that will bring together useful information about the initiative, showing progress and results, as well as news and future events, and also documentation and resources. Likewise, it will give access to Moodle, the on-line learning web platform from where one will be able to teach the course about efficient energy competence and renewal energy system for trainers of the construction industry,and also access to the test, in order to get the corresponding training.


Galería de imágenes de la segunda reunión de socios
Methodological analysis of Green skills and study of Bus.Trainers qualification
Start-up meeting of the European project Bus.Trainers, in Madrid