Partnership verifies ‘Eco.Trainers’ course for trainers, during eighth meeting in Valencia

On September 16th and 17th, Bus.Trainers partners met in Valencia, invited by IRTIC, to hold the eighth meeting of the project. The meeting was focused on testing the course for trainers in environmental skills and its european validation.

During the meeting, the partners discussed the need to establish synergies with other Sector Skills Alliance (SSA) European projects, to ensure the results and their application in other European sectors or markets; and also in other different countries.

Defining the accreditation system for ‘Eco.Trainers’ training in accordance with the European framework was one of the issues addressed. Achieving the training programme validation at a Community level is one of the main pillars of the initiative. To this end, the whole partnership is working on a Memorandum of Understanding -MoU- development, i.e. a document written and signed by all the participating entities as part of their commitment to act towards the common objective of the consortium: Improving the Environmental skills for trainers.

During first day, partners visited the facilities of Instituto de Robótica de la Universidad of Valencia where they could test virtual reality simulators and enjoy the advances and latest sectoral developments in the technology.

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Info-day in Valencia

El IRTIC organized a dissemination event to show the project progress to Valencian public. During the event, the partners show their training engagement, as an indispensable engine for improving sector’s qualifications and skills for the current professionals. The main objective is to consolidate construction as a leading and sustainable industry.

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