Methodological analysis of Green skills and study of Bus.Trainers qualification

The third Bus.Trainer meeting held in Athens, in the facilities of the Greek partner, (IME GSEVEE) Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen, and Merchants, focused on the study of Bus.Trainer qualification posed for the European construction industry and the methodological analysis of “green” skills in order to achieve it.

The 12 partner institution delegate’s worked hard to move forward to the next phase of the project.

The meeting ended with a new outreach event about the initiatives of each country related to Build Up Skills.


Galería de imágenes de la tercera reunión de socios
First results of the Bus.Trainers Project about the lacks of “green” skills of VET trainers in the construction
Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta and Portugal spread the Build Up Skills project in the framework of Bus.Trainers, in Lisbon