Linking to European Build Up Skills Initiative and its benefits on the Aluminum Industry

IME GSEVEE and CRES organized an endorsement seminar in the frame of the Bus.Trainers project. The seminar was held on 6th September 2019 on IME GSEVEE premises in Athens and its title was ‘The Bus.Trainers project, its link to the European Build Up Skills Initiative and its benefits on the Aluminum Industry’. The 20 participants came from the Aluminum Industry and their professional focus is on innovation and training in this field.

The seminar content was divided to four sections:

  • The European BUILD UP Skills Initiative (BUS GR – BUS UPSWING) and its follow-up through the Bus.Trainers project.
  • Presentation of the “Bus.Trainers” project – Goals and achievements.
  • The profession of Aluminum Manufacturer and the involvement of the industry in all projects of the European Initiative BUILD UP Skills.
  • The importance of developing the green skills of trainers in the construction industry.

The road map of BUS Initiative from BUS GR to BuS.Trainers was presented at the beginning of the seminar explaining to participants the sequence between the projects and their importance. Subsequently there was a presentation regarding Bus.Trainers project and its main goals and achievements. The involvement of the Aluminum Manufacturers and especially of the employers represented body “Federation of Manufacturers of Aluminum of Greece” has been highlighted and the benefits that they have through their indirect participation to the European projects. Finally, the trainers need regarding the new skills that they have to acquire on the ecological (green) field was indicated as the most crucial issue not only for the proper vocational training but for the development of the construction industry as well.

Partnership verifies 'Eco.Trainers' course for trainers, during eighth meeting in Valencia
Gozo seminar on green skills competencies in construction sector