Institute of Robotics and Information Technology and Communications (IRTIC)



The Institute of Robotics and Information Technology and Communications IRTIC) is a university research centre dependent on the University of Valencia and currently consists of four research groups covering different disciplines associated with the area of information technology and communications.

Since its foundation in the early 90s, the institute has sought to establish collaboration frameworks with both public entities and private companies in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and bring research to the business world. IRTIC mainly develops applied research activities and development of tailor-made solutions, promoting the lines of action that provide a benefit to society. These activities are specified in projects and contracts on information management systems, telematics applications to traffic and transport, computer graphics and virtual reality, systems for the integration of the disabled, simulation of civilian machinery, network services and computer security and digital process of images.


Address: C/Catedrático José Beltrán 2, 46980, Paterna (Valencia, España).

National Association of Builders (Ance)
National Confederation of Construction Industry (CNC)