Institute for Professional and Vocational Training in construction sector (Formedil)



The Institute for professional Vocational Training in construction sector -Formedil- was born in 1980, promoted by the key industry associations of the construction sector, signatories of the collective agreement (ANCE, Feneal Uil, Filca CISL, CGIL FILLEA), who participate in the same condition in the management of Formedil.

In Italy, Vocational Training specialized in the construction sector is established by a national system of joint training regulated by national collective labour agreements of industry, cooperatives, small businesses and crafts.

The objective of Formedil is the promotion, application and coordination at the national level of training, qualification and recycling in the construction sector carried out by the training centres of the industry. The training activities are carried out by building local schools according to the needs of the local labour market.

Formedil promotes agreements and memoranda of understanding with public bodies responsible for education training and education issues; and participates in national and international projects that favour, in particular, the students and professors of specialized training centres in construction.


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Centre for the Professional Education and Training of Civil Construction and Public Works of the South (Cenfic)
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