Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (Cres)



The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Savings (Cres), designated as the national focal point in its area of activity, is the Greek organization for renewable energy resources (RER), the rational use of energy (RUE) and savings of energy (SE).

Cres was founded in September 1987 by Presidential Decree 375/87. It is a public entity, supervised by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and has financial and administrative independence.

Its main objective is the research and promotion of RER/RUE/SE applications at national and international level, as well as the support of related activities, taking into account the principles of sustainable development.

The Centre is managed by a seven-member Administrative Council, which includes representatives of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports), the Public Energy Corporation and the Hellenic Business Federation.

Cres has a scientific team of more than 120 highly qualified and experienced multidisciplinary scientists and engineers. Its organizational structure is made up of the following units: Renewable Energy Sources Division, Energy Efficiency Division, Energy Planning and Policy Division, Development Programs Division, Financial and Administrative Services Division; in addition to two separate offices, Office of Quality Assurance and Legal Services.


Address: 19th km Marathonos Ave, 19009, Pikermi Attiki (Greece).
Website: http://www.cres.gr/
Contact email: cres@cres.gr

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