“Eco.Trainers” course available to strengthen the environmental skills of teachers in the construction sector

The course for “Developing the ecological skills of trainers in the construction sector” is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek. It is an open training web platform for the training of the trainers and the evaluation of knowledge, endorsed by the European accreditation system.

The course consists of eight modules that will reinforce and improve the knowledge of teachers in the sector on energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, “green” materials, waste management and other sustainable construction techniques, as well as motivating trainers in the sector to achieve professional excellence by improving their teaching skills:

  • Module 1: Sustainable Construction.
  • Module 2: Certification and labelling.
  • Module 3: Materials.
  • Module 4: Deconstruction.
  • Module 5: Energy Efficiency.
  • Module 6: Renewable Energies.
  • Module 7: Life cycle.
  • Module 8: Pedagogy.

This qualification system has been developed by ten of the consortium’s entities (energy agencies, business organisations and professional training entities), with the Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies (IRTIC) of the University of Valencia in charge of its technological implementation, in close collaboration with the initiative’s leader, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción.

From the consortium we commit ourselves to contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable economy, through the improvement of the response of Vocational Training systems to the competing needs of the construction industry for the achievement of European energy objectives.

Bus.Trainers was presented at ENERTECH 2019
Partnership verifies 'Eco.Trainers' course for trainers, during eighth meeting in Valencia